Under the Moon 2021- 28 Acrylic paintings
  night paintings of oceans and the moon

JAN Show and Artist Q&A with Nahcotta Gallery 


9x12” ( 22.8x30.4cm) Depth: 7/8" ( 2.2 cm). Acrylic on wood panel.

Tell us about yourself and how you came to be an artist:
I was born in China and moved abroad when I was 29. I like good ice cream and camping. When I was little, I thought being an artist was just playing with colours, painting and drawing every day and all day long. Now, I am still hoping most of my time can be spent on paintings. Although in the second year of my art career I had some doubts about painting landscapes. Until I saw one of Takao Tanabe's paintings at Audain Art Museum. By then, I was clear about what I was looking for in the landscape paintings. 
Who are your biggest influences - artists and otherwise?
There are so many great artists that influence my art practice. At this stage I adore Robert Kipniss, Takao Tanabe and Félix Vallotton’s art. Also I would like to keep studying and practicing Sunyata and using it in my art practice.
8x10” ( 20.3x25.2cm) Depth: 7/8" ( 2.2 cm). Acrylic on wood panel.
8x8” ( 20.3x20.3 cm) Depth: 3/4" ( 1.9 cm). Acrylic on wood panel.
8x8” ( 20.3x20.3 cm) Depth: 3/4" ( 1.9 cm). Acrylic on wood panel.

Describe your work in three words:

Quiet, movements, adventure. 

6x6” ( 15.2x15.2 cm) Depth: 7/8" ( 2.2 cm). Acrylic on wood panel.
What's your favorite medium to work with?

I used watercolour and gouache a lot when I was a beginner. Now I am using acrylic, watercolour and oil for different kinds of landscapes and painting purposes. My favorite medium is still watercolour. I used it at my first fine art painting class. I also received a brush from my dad that used to belong to my grandpa on that day. Which still keeps me company in my studio today.
6x8” ( 15.2x15.3 cm), Depth: 7/8" ( 2.2 cm). Acrylic on wood panel.
What is your favourite splurge art supply purchase? And what's your best budget find?

I stock up paper and canvas in my studio. It is a horrible feeling when I run out of the surface to paint on. Things that can make my work more efficient and more pleasant are all my best budget finds. Like Arches watercolor paper, artist level paints, good brushes. My recent find is a ‘stay wet’ paint palette box. 
8x8” ( 20.3x20.3 cm) Depth: 3/4" ( 1.9 cm). Acrylic on wood panel. 
8x8” ( 20.3x20.3 cm) Depth: 3/4" ( 1.9 cm). Acrylic on wood panel.
What's a piece of advice that really made an impact for you about making art?

Mr. Guan, one of my art teachers, always encouraged us to complete an art piece even if we thought it should be thrown in the trash immediately. I think what he wanted us to understand is that failures are precious. Mr. Guan’s specialty is Chinese ink painting, a medium that is more challenging than watercolor. Most of the time, each brush stroke laid on the rice paper is final. There is no going back. If you make a mistake, you can either start anew or move on with the mistake. If you decide to keep going, it might end even more horribly, but sometimes it can lead you to something unexpected and great. I think that’s the enchantment of failures and one of the greatest pleasures of painting practice.
Under - Shimmer #8, Acrylic painting 2021
6x6” ( 15.2x15.2 cm) Depth: 7/8" ( 2.2 cm). Acrylic on wood panel. 
Where do you draw inspiration from?

A lot is based on my travels and camping trips in Canada. But books, movies and music are a big part of my inspiration. What do you listen to when you're making art?
Depends on what I am working on. I like classical music and indie electronics in general. Sometimes Most of the time I just enjoy painting in silence.
6x6” ( 15.2x15.2 cm) Depth: 7/8" ( 2.2 cm). Acrylic on wood panel.
Do you break any rules that you were taught in your art training? If so, what are they?
I wasn’t allowed to use black and white to paint when I was little. I think some rules are meant to be broken when you're ready. Breaking a rule and creating something new is great but working through the rules, developing something new inside of the box is also fantastic. Like every great pianist playing the same masterpiece, with their own expression of its beauty.
 6x6” ( 15.2x15.2 cm) Depth: 7/8" ( 2.2 cm). Acrylic on wood panel.
 6x6” ( 15.2x15.2 cm) Depth: 7/8" ( 2.2 cm). Acrylic on wood panel.
Describe your dream studio?
I am very happy with my half basement studio. I have white walls, three beautiful large plants and everything I need. I guess a window facing an ocean or an open field would be very dreamy. But I am good I got deer. 
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