I am a landscape painter currently based in Okotoks, AB, Canada. I was born in China and began my academic art training with my father at the age of nine. Growing up in northeast China, I continued my training throughout high school and university, focusing on a wide range of visual art pursuits including photography, graphic design, painting and Chinese calligraphy.

My life journey next took me to Bangkok for five years, where I explored the vast beauty and complexity of the cities, oceans and jungles that define the south-asian continent. In 2016, I embarked on a new adventure and moved to Canada. Landing on the west coast, and then moving to Alberta, I was captivated by the contrasting beauty of the Pacific ocean shadowed by the coastal mountains and the towering Rockies juxtaposed with the prairie vistas.

I draw inspiration from my travels across Asia and Western Canada. I strive to capture the essence of each landscape I encounter through my paintings. I am also experimenting with incorporating the implicit expressions of the East into Western painting methods. My work evokes a sense of stillness and inner peace while inspiring a profound appreciation for the natural world.



Wanru Kemp painting in her studio