Many years ago I visited the gardens in Suzhou, China. The gardens were built hundreds of years ago and were designed by famous artists of the time. Suzhou gardens were designed as many gardens combined together: to create a view of a series of meticulously composed scenes.

Everything in the gardens are beautiful and delicate but what I love the most are the Moon gates. They are circular openings in the garden walls that act as passageways and help air flow through the garden. Moon gates are also designed to capture the most beautiful scenes in the gardens. I miss the experience of looking at the quiet and peaceful green gardens through them, one after another. I hope my circle paintings translate the same experience I had in the Suzhou gardens.

On each of my paintings, there is a red stamp on the top right: means moon and means hole. 月洞 is the traditional name for circular gate in Chinese. It was named after the moon because a full moon signifies happiness and good wishes.

This project began on April 22, 2017, and ended on April 21, 2018. I painted one small circular painting every day for a year. Here are some of the paintings from that year. Shop available paintings here.


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